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A Beauty Moment

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Lashes are easily my favorite beauty item! They are game-changing and can completely elevate your look! Very popular today are lash extensions. An initial lash extension application can range from $50-$100 with fill-ins costing $40-60 per visit. A more economical and widely used lash option is the strip lash. Strip lashes come in synthetic, human hair, 3D, and mink. Synthetic lashes are the least expensive ($2+) while mink lashes are the most expensive ($20+) Strip lashes can almost always be found in the beauty aisle of your favorite retailer. A really good drugstore lash is Ardell. They typically range from $3-$10 and come in any intensity you can imagine! From workday slay to full face Glamazon! You can have a natural face (i.e. makeup free) and pop on a strip lash and it will level-up your look. Also, please, pretty please use lash glue! Ardell also offers lash glue but there are a number of other good options on the market. My favorite and a staple in my kit is Sassi Eyelash Glue. You can find the Sassi brand in most beauty supply stores around $5. Ladies, please don’t fear lashes! The trick to a successful lash application is to allow the glue to become tacky before applying it to your lash line. Close and stretch the outer corner of the eye and place the lash as closely to your natural lash line as possible. Open your eye to ensure the lash is positioned properly, adjust if needed and repeat on the other eye. It really is just that simple. You can also use tweezers or a lash wand to hold and apply your lashes. Practice is also key. Once you get the hang of it you will only wish you’d started sooner! Another benefit of using strip lashes is that they are reusable with proper care. I get at least 20 uses out any one pair of lashes and I’ll tell you how! Lash care is critical! I do not put mascara in my strip lashes. To blend your own lashes into the strip lashes for a more natural look I recommend using a spoolie. You can also apply the mascara to your natural lashes prior to applying the strip lash and spoolie them together for a cohesive look. Next, remove your lashes before going to bed. I don’t recommend sleeping in lashes (or makeup…more on that at 11 ☺). You should remove your lashes at the end of the day, take off as much of the glue from the band as you can and return them to their tray for the next use. This will keep your lashes looking new and free from debris and sleep crinkles. Avoid oil-based skincare products around the eyes while wearing your lashes. This includes concealers and some eye pencils. The oil in these products will breakdown the glue and can

cause a lash-faux pas! We don’t ever want our lashes flying away, falling off or any other embarrassment that could have been avoided. I hope I’ve empowered you to take on the lash experience. I assure you, it’s one you won’t regret it!

-Face By Felecia MUA


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