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Collaboration Is The New Competition

NWEM Model has been collaboration over competition from Day#1. It's our empowerment culture and our secret sauce to more reach, revenue, reciprocity. This year at the 2020 Red Dress Brunch The NWEM launched a membership to help women come together in a collaborative faith based space to excel in their careers, businesses, non-profits, and even ministries. We have created " A Collaboration Table" that meets quarterly for women to come together in a non-competitive confidential empowered forum to share experiences, road blocks, gains, losses, strategies, accountability, and mastermind their way to the top for an Empowered Win. At the Collaboration Table, Everyone Wins! Our organization collaborates and supports other organizations to ensure that we are bridge that connect one power house group of women with another. In My Book " The Little Red Networking Book" I talk about If women thought about partnerships and collaboration the way we think about shoes, we would excel in our businesses, ministries, and non-profits.

Today I realized that the movement God allowed me to be part of, the vision God gave me to carry, and the women community God gave me to EMPOWER is such an AMAZING assignment. I Am Walking In My Power and Graciously Encouraging Others to Do So. After watching Renae L. Bluitt a Brooklyn, New York-based filmmaker & Executive Producer of the documentary, “She Did That”on Netflix that highlights the entrepreneurial journey of Black women business owners. It spoke to me this morning that I too am a CEO and that my assignment is making room for me at the business table. I was like WOW. Talk about a WOW moment for me. Yes, I am all things spiritual and can motivate, encourage, preach, and teach others about walking in their power, shattering class ceilings, and believing in God on their journey, but it's another thing to believe these things for yourself. The film is a film that echos all the things I believe in for the women community that I am called to serve. Especially the piece on collaboration. Women of all hue and color I believe can do better together when we have our heels on common ground . So Thank You Ms. Renae L. Bluitt , today I laid hands on myself and said " She Did That".

Eleshia V. Cash - CEO The National Women's Empowerment Ministry


Remember 3 Things

1. Experience The Red Dress Brunch Year-round and Contact Us Today About Becoming A Member.

2. Purchase " The Little Red Networking Book" KIT ( Book & Companion Planner), You will learn how to strategically net-connect and build your own network to advance your career, business or ministry.

3. Watch the Netflix Documentary called " She Did That" explores the passionate pursuits of Black women and their entrepreneurship journeys.

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