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Are You Zoomed Out?

Eleshia V. Cash, Author of " The Little Red Networking Book"

Don't let the new way of conducting business meetings discourage you from using technology to nurture your network and relationships.

I have one of the greatest gifts in the world, being a Net-Connector. If you're wondering what is a " Net- Connector", then let me explain. Net- Connecting is a phrase I created to to describe the perfect marriage between networking and building a genuine connection to grow meaningful relationships. Although, social distancing urges us to physically disengage from each other, it doesn't mean we can't be creative in our social interaction. Due to the Outbreak of COVID-19 we’re forced into work-at-home , e-learning situations, and virtual interactions. However, this may be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this technology situation and connect or reconnect and nurture some valuable relationships. I want to encourage you to take full advantage of technology that allows us to continue provide value and feel some type of connections with others as much as possible, even as we’re asked to disconnect and practice social distancing.

Step #1 Transform social media contacts into real life contacts.

Schedule Virtual Coffee Chats, Phone Calls, and etc. to catch up on what people in your networks are doing and how you could potentially help.This is a great time to volunteer your KSA ( Knowledge, Skills, or Abilities) get to know people in your community and industry.

Step #2 Schedule a Virtual Hang Out with Your Current Network or Friends

Last night, I was on a zoom call with my sorority sisters. It was fun, relaxing, refreshing, and a great way to virtual check in to see how everyone was doing. This could be very refreshing and break from all the work virtual meetings and discussions. It order to build your network, you have to start somewhere. It's best to start with what you already have. You may be surprised to find that a number of people already within your current circles are willing, ready, and/able to support you in your endeavors.

Step #3 Become More Familiar With On-Line Networking Tools.

Because I am big on building relationships and speak a lot about networking and making connections, I am encouraging you to use your online social networking tools; It is very possible that we will be using technology more now as a way of life to network and communicate. Learn how to navigate and have a presence on these networking platforms. LinkedIn and Facebook provide many networking groups and activities to choose from where you can interact with others.

I have recently created two online community networks

1. GLCC Job Network ( You can find on Linkedin & Facebook) . This group is managed by Volunteer HR Professionals that provide support for people looking for a new job or career, to grow in their current jobs /careers , as well as needing support during a job search due to job loss.

2. National WE Ministry ( You can find on Linkedin) This an accelerated group for women ,willing to walk in their power, and embrace a collaboration model approach with non noncompeting women or organizations that are committed to developing their leadership skills, business skills to grow their business, organizations, or ministries to the next level. In this confidential & educational forum, members will leverage their collective expertise, hold one another accountable for goals and growth as well as empower each other to build a successful culture for women.

I know that you are ready to return to "things as normal" many of you are missing out on your meet ups, brunches with friends, after work hang outs, sorority meetings, conferences, movies, tea clubs, book clubs, shopping bus trips and this list goes on. For right now, this may be our "new normal". Let's make the best of our time, Try Net- Connecting, the foundation is building and nurturing relationships. It's positive and fun. This is the season where we need our networks more than ever!

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