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Women Leading In Technology

More than a decade ago, while contemplating a graduate school focus I knew I wanted to earn a degree that was specialized and that would make me marketable in my career. At that time I was at the precipice of what would be a long, challenging yet rewarding project management career. I went on to earn a Master of Project Management Degree and became passionate about the project management discipline. One thing I learned very early in my career is that there is very little innovation without projects. Projects, by definition are temporary endeavors undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. In other words, projects produce things. The kinds of things that make companies competitive, sustainable, and more efficient. The outputs leverage technology and sometimes produce a product that revolutionizes the entire marketplace. How exciting right? Please don’t think you have to be a math and science person to excel as a woman leader in technology. Technology requires logic, analytics and execution. In my case, being a woman leader in technology by way of project management has afforded me the opportunity to work across a number of industries, travel, lead diverse teams and on projects with small to massive budgets. Today there are a number of organizations and groups that support and network women in tech. There are also a number of resources available on the internet. Many of which are free. Yes, you can learn to code, build a website, launch an online boutique and create apps in the comfort of your own home. The simple truth is that you must be technologically savvy in order to successfully manage work and life. If you’re contemplating a career shift or seeking personal development by expanding your knowledge and experience, I highly recommend seeking opportunities, paid and otherwise in technology. Technology is now!

-By Felecia Mixon, MPM, PMP

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