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Red Blouse Brunch

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Growing up I always knew that I was a leader and that I would be influential one day in my community. I just did not know how. As I begin to serve in the church growing up, God gave me a heart for women’s ministry. And I understood that what a woman does comes from who she believes she is. And I believed, that although I had struggles in my career, understanding how to be a wife, a mom, a daughter, a mentor, and a leader in the church that my destiny was tied to helping other women discover their God-given purpose and talents to impact the church and the world. I call it “Intentional Evangelism”

My goal is to train women to get intentionally involved in the marketplace and community in order to put faith into action. In October of 2014, I begin a Women’s Empowerment Weekend as a community outreach networking program. Hosting a series of networking events for a diverse group of women in the community to empower them to be courageous in whatever goal in life they were trying to achieve! It was called, ” Moving from Comfort to Courageous”. We had a wonderful response from the community and continued to host these women empowerment programs year after year.

Research shows that confident people are more attractive by their peers, they have better jobs, are happier and more productive than their less confident counterparts. And like most other things in life, developing confidence is a practice. Our Networking In Red Event and Programing empowers women to do just that. Help women develop confidence in their spiritual walk, their mental capacity, as well as their physical being. When you walk away from our events and programs , you feel challenged to take  your confidence to the next level in all three areas. and surround yourself around a network of women that feel and believe the same way.

Eleshia V. Cash - CEO

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Networking Speakers

Previous Event Photos

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Joyce Littel

Networking in Media and Entertainment

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Kedra Fairweather

Networking with Women in Educational Leadership

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Maxine Caine

 Networking in Business/ Career and Entrepreneurship 

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Dee Dawkins-Haigler

Networking for Women Leaders in Politics and Government

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The-National-Womens-Empowerment -Ministr
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